Our Story

At Little Hipster Kitchens, we are passionate about building creative play spaces + bringing children outdoors with imaginative play and fun filled adventures.


Based in regional NSW , our family-owned business places a high value on sustainability, which is why all of our products are made from up-cycled + sustainable materials.

As a result of this, Little Hipster Kubby was named a finalist in the AusMumpreneur 2018 Sustainability Award, and proudly brought home the SILVER award for Sustainability. 

ittle Hipster Kubby began as a backyard project to create a chicken coop for our family . Our children loved the process + found the end result to be a great space for adventure. From here our idea and passion was born so we created LHK. 

Continuing with our passion for creating sustainable play spaces, our range has expanded and is constantly changing to suit the needs, budget and style of our valued customers. 

We are dedicated to both growing our business whilst at the same time continuing to do our part for the environment with regards to sustainability.

In 2019 we decided to change the focus of our business from kubby's to mud kitchens, so with a re-brand we launched Little Hipster Kitchens. Whilst we still may open up custom spaces from time to time for kubby's our main focus will be on designing and building mud kitchens with some other epic additions to the online store coming during 2019 as well!  


The team at Little Hipster Kitchens cannot wait to make your child's dreams come true with visions of their own personalized creative play spaces.


The team at Little Hipster Kitchens