Shipping Time for Orders ? 
Please allow minimum of 2 weeks for order to be handmade with love + shipped to your location (please note shipping times can vary due to demand + shipping company). We will keep you well informed in this process so you know when your kitchen will arrive.  
What are your order & payment terms?
You will need to process your order via our website before we can begin work on your order. You can pay via payment options available in the website. If there is an issue with placing your order via any of these methods, please email orders@littlehipsterkitchens.com
Can we change the design of the kitchen?
We provide a variety of style, designs, colours and shapes to suit any space. If you would like to customise outside of our normal catalogue range email orders@littlehipsterkitchens.com
What are the options for ordering my kitchen?
Our base prices are for your kitchen, which comes Natural, you can then add on any additional extras (sanding, oil, pressed tin) all our additional extras offered for each model are shown.
What wood is used in your kitchens?
We only use quality up-cycled materials and sustainable  sourced timber to build our kitchens. (we can do in hardwood if preferred please email orders@littlehipsterkitchens.com to discuss) 
Do you oil and sand your kitchens?
Our kitchens are built raw, but you can add on sanding and/or oil at a small additional cost. 
We oil our kitchens with 100% Osmo Australia UV Protection Oil. We recommend that you re-oil your kitchen annually or as required  to protect from weather elements. Depending on weather conditions pine can weather quickly. 
If you choose Sanded ONLY The Mud Kitchen will weather quickly + 
We recommend cleaning with deck cleaner and a light sand + coating in oil or stain or exterior paint . 
SANDING - lightly sanded + not a guarantee to remove all splinters . 

Pressed Tin - 
Our Pressed Tin Pieces are subject to availability no two are the same size and pattern vary.
Can you paint my kitchen?
Yes we absolutely can! Painting is an additional option offered for a small additional cost.
Please advise that the wood is not perfect + imperfections can occur in painting.
Do you offer delivery or shipping?
Yes, if you live local to the Albury/Wodonga area we offer free delivery, outside of this area we offer shipping through TNT Australia Wide. We have tried to make delivery options as economical as possible, as well as provide an option for you to organise your own pickup and delivery at your cost. 
What does FLAT PACK ONLY mean in relation to shipping?
Due to the location, and the cost involved in shipping to some areas of Australia we offer Flat Pack Shipping Only. This is because we feel the shipping costs were just not economical to ship the kitchen assembled. If you live in an area that offers Flat Pack Only and would like a quote for Assembled Delivery please contact orders@littlehipsterkitchens.com (please note delivery in these areas is a lot of the time in excess of $350+)  Your item will be delivered Flat Packed and ready to assemble. Assembly of a mud kitchen usually takes around 30-45mins.
Your name was Little Hipster Kubby, do you still take orders for Kubby's?
We recently changed our business name and shifted our main business focus from kubby's to mud kitchens. We may from time to time open up some custom spots for kubby's, however kubby's will not be available as a permanent shop item.