Mini Dimity Mud Kitchen this one @ 70cm bench height
Little Hipster Kitchens Mini Dimity Mud

Mini Dimity Mud Kitchen $320

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Little Hipster Kitchens Mini Dimity Mud Kitchen is oh so sweet .

Our Mini Dimity Mud Kitchen comes natural, giving you the freedom to choose from the additional add ons that you may require. Bowl included. 

Please note, when choosing the option of a natural or sanded only mud kitchen, your product will weather over time, particularly when exposed to full sun for long lengths at a time. If selecting these options, we recommend using OSMO or exterior paint to protect your kitchen unless you would like the weathered look to natural + age.

Dimensions: 0.8m long x 0.4m wide x 1.0m high

Bench height 60 cm or higher to 70 cm 

Price: $320 (base price)

Please contact Lisa at for a quote. 

Shipping cost will be quoted individually.